Sunday, May 8, 2011

Patisserie Deux Amis

And so we went on a trip to the cafe down the road! When our friend first told us about this place, I kind of assumed that it was somewhere far, far away. It was actually, to my surprise, just 5 minutes away. Literally.

It is a quaint little place. The ambiance there is simply lovely. It has a good feel to it, with part of the counter designed to look like a french oven. The chair I was sitting on was a tad shaky, but really, who cares about these sort of things?

The counter

We ordered baguettes for our lunch, and some coffees and tea. If you're coming to this place looking for a heavy meal, you might be slightly disappointed. The only filling things were these baguettes. However, if you're looking for a light meal, or perhaps a nice breakfast, then this would be a great place. It's quiet, and very.. English. Haha.

I suppose that the only thing you might want to prepare beforehand is a little bit of patience. This shop is run by just two people, and it can get pretty busy. Imagine a game of Diner Dash. Yup. That's how it is. Just two people cleaning, washing, cooking, serving... gosh. It's a wonder that these two can make it without looking like they broke a sweat at all! They're really nice, and very jolly, these two. Service is brilliant if you're willing to wait for about 20 minutes to get your baguette (note, we came in at peak lunch hour time).

On our way out, I ordered take-away. I got a lemon tart, and the chocolate hazelnut cake. There are no pictures simply because I forgot to take my iPhone out.  But anyway, it was the best lemon tart that I have ever tasted in a long time! The chocolate hazelnut is very unique. It's not as heavy as you would imagine. It's somewhat like a honeycomb (yes, you can taste the honey), and it's somewhat like a macaroon. Light, with a layer of chocolate on the top. I can't wait to come back another day to check out the other kinds of cakes and pastries they serve in this cafe.

You can find this place at 63 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9QT. And I quote, from the postcard that I picked up from this place, it is "for Continental bread and pastries, light snacks, excellent cappuccino and fine teas to have in the cafe or take away".

The coffee was quite good actually.
It's just that it was overshadowed by the cakes and the food. 

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